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Program Info

The Professionals Recognition Program recognizes and rewards dealership Parts and Service Staff for training completion and tenure. In addition, several special incentive awards are offered throughout the year.

Once a dealership enrolls in the program, all of the following Parts and Service team members are automatically enrolled in the program (individual team members do not need to be separately enrolled):

Service Department

  • PDI Technician
  • Express Service Technician
  • Service Technician
  • Cashier
  • Receptionist
  • Warranty Administrator
  • Express Service Advisor
  • Service Advisor
  • Assistant Service Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Parts/Service Director

Parts Department

  • Parts Counter Person
  • Assistant Parts Manager
  • Parts Manager
  • Wholesale Parts Manager
  • Wholesale Parts Specialist

Cost Breakdown

Once you are enrolled in the Professionals Program, a service fee of $85 will be charged to your open account every month. The following is a breakdown of this monthly fee:

Monthly Fee Breakdown

Administration Fees: Program Management, website, support, etc.
Award Fulfillment: Shipping Costs
Special Incentives: TOPTECH and Top Advisor
Annual CSE award: Dealership banner and gift card
Annual FFV award: Dealership banner and gift card
Manager awards: Self-Study and Job Code Certifications

American Honda does not profit from this monthly fee. 100% of the revenue collected is put back into the program and used to provide new ways to recognize your team's hard work and loyalty. In addition to the monthly administration fee, below is a cost breakdown for each award:

Achievement Reward Cost
Master Technician Master Technician Plaque $110
Master Technician Toolbox magnet $15
Master Technician Visa gift card $100
Job Code Certification Visa gift card Visa gift card amount
Self-Study / General Visa gift card Visa gift card amount
Tenure award Tenure Plaque $15
Tenure award Visa gift card $15 x years of service
Tenure award Uniform Patch(es) $1 per patch


John Smith has just celebrated 5 years with Honda. He would receive: a tenure plaque, 5 patches and a $75 Visa gift card.

The cost for the award would be: $15 (plaque) + $5 (patches) + $75 (Visa gift card) = $95

If he also earned a Job Certification award as a Service Advisor, he would also receive a $125 Visa gift card.

The cost for the Job Certification award would be: $125 (Visa gift card) = $125